Friends of the Pelicans


Associates are those that choose to support the club by donating to the Pelicans CC, their time, energy or other resources. They are invited to join and remain as Associates at the pleasure of the club. Associates do not vote, but may participate in all Pelicans CC open events. ASSOCIATES may support the Pelicans CC by purchasing the Pelicans CC "Associate" patch. This "front" patch is a small 4" patch bearing the word "Associate".

Associates must be at least 18 years old.

To see rides done by our Friends, please click below.

Junior Pelicans are those children and grandchildren of Active Members, under 18 years of age, who support the club by participating in rides and family oriented events.

Children of Active Members who wish to be Junior Pelicans will be given a small 4” patch that they can wear on their vest or riding jacket.

To view a list of rides done by our Juniors, please click below.

List of Friends’ Rides

List of Juniors’ Rides

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