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About Us

   The Pelican Cycle Club’s roots date back to 2001 in Louisiana. In the summer of 2009 the club was reorganized into what you see today.

Our “niche” in the club world is long distance riding. Each of our Prospects is required to do a Silver WINGS ride as a condition of membership (see WINGS program). Many full members continue to do Silver or better rides every year to earn the coveted Ride Star awards displayed on the members vest below the Pelican CC center patch .

We hold several chapter and National club events per year, that usually have Pelicans in attendance from across the USA. In short, PELICANS RIDE!

The club follows the protocols of the traditional motorcycle club, including prospecting new members. The club consists of several regional chapters. Each chapter operates independently, under an overall club constitution.

The club maintains a WINGS ride certification program which provides a certificate, a patch, and a pin to all riders for a Bronze Ride, a Silver Ride, a Gold Ride, or a Platinum Ride..

Associate and Junior Pelican programs are available to those who are interested in the Pelican Cycle Club but who may not qualify or wish to pursue membership

Basic Membership Requirements: Men and women who are twenty-one years old, own a valid motorcycle license and a registered motorcycle of at least 650cc in displacement, are passionate about riding long distances and have a strong desire for a commitment and brotherhood.


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